Modern Bingo Slang: A List of the Best Funny and Rude Bingo Calls in the UK

Are you a fan of bingo? Do you know how to decipher all the bizarre slang and nicknames for each number? This post is all about modern bingo slang and the best funny and rude bingo calls you can hear in the UK.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the most commonly used terms and phrases, as well as some of the most outrageous, to make sure you’re fully equipped to handle any bingo hall.

Have you ever played a game of bingo and felt like you needed a translator to understand what was going on? Ever wondered where some of those strange phrases came from?

We’ll delve into the history of bingo calls and how they’ve evolved over the years, with a focus on the wackiest and crudest ones.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer to the game, this post is guaranteed to have you laughing and scratching your head in equal measure.

What Are Bingo Calls?

Bingo calls are witty, rhyming phrases used to announce the numbers drawn during a bingo game. The tradition of using bingo calls dates back to the 1950s when the game became popular in the UK.

Over the years, bingo calls have evolved to include some of the wackiest and crudest ones that often cause laughter and confusion among players. The bingo calls are unique to the UK and are an integral part of British culture.

What Are The Traditional Bingo Calls?

Bingo, often associated with the elderly and retired, has been a popular game in the UK for decades, and it’s a game that’s steeped in tradition. Bingo calls, in particular, are woven into the fabric of British culture, with many of these calls having a rich and often surprising history.

These calls, which have been used for over half a century, are a throwback to a different era, where language was more formal and respectful.

The traditional calls provided a more humorous and often cheeky way to identify the numbers. For example, “Kelly’s Eye,” a reference to the famous eagle-eyed Australian rifleman, Kelly, rather than saying “number one,” which can sometimes be confused with “number seven.”

As time moved on, humorous and quirky adaptations to the traditional bingo calls started to emerge, a trend that’s still evident in modern bingo halls.

Here is a list of traditional bingo calls in the UK:

  • Two Little Ducks (22)
  • Kelly’s Eye (1)
  • Cup of Tea (3)
  • Knock at the Door (4)
  • Man Alive (5)
  • Tom Mix (6)
  • Lucky Seven (7)
  • Garden Gate (8)
  • Doctor’s Orders (9)
  • Theresa’s Den (10)
  • Legs Eleven (11)
  • One Dozen (12)
  • Unlucky for Some (13)
  • Valentine’s Day (14)
  • Young and Keen (15)
  • Sweet Sixteen (16)
  • Dancing Queen (17)
  • Coming of Age (18)
  • Goodbye Teens (19)
  • One Score (20)
  • Key of the Door (21)
  • Two Dozen (24)
  • Duck and Dive (25)
  • Pick and Mix (26)
  • Gateway to Heaven (27)
  • Overweight (28)
  • Rise and Shine (29)
  • Dirty Gertie (30)
  • Get up and Run (31)
  • Buckle My Shoe (32)
  • Dirty Knee (33)
  • Ask for More (34)
  • Jump and Jive (35)
  • Three Dozen (36)
  • More Than Eleven (37)
  • Christmas Cake (38)
  • Steps (39)
  • Naughty Forty (40)
  • Time for Fun (41)
  • Winnie the Pooh (42)
  • Down on Your Knees (43)
  • Droopy Drawers (44)
  • Halfway There (45)
  • Up to Tricks (46)
  • Four and Seven (47)
  • Four Dozen (48)
  • PC (49)
  • Half a Century (50)

What Are The Best Rude Bingo Calls?

Bingo has always been a game of surprises, and its slang certainly reflects that. Some of the most enjoyable calls are the ones that surprise as much as they entertain, and the rude ones do just that.

From “Two fat ladies” to “Legs eleven”, bingo slang has always been a source of fun, but the ones that are considered a bit daring and rude are the most memorable.

“Buckle my shoe”, “Knock at the door”, and “One little duck” may sound innocent, but when you match them with their corresponding numbers, you’ll understand why they’re classified as some of the best rude calls.

What Are Some Funny Bingo Calls Unique To The UK?

The UK is known for its unique and often hilarious bingo calls with nicknames for each number. Some of the funniest bingo calls include “two little ducks” for the number 22, “half a century” for 50, and “knock at the door” for 4.

Other notable bingo calls unique to the UK include “one fat lady” for the number 88, “two fat ladies” for 88- the plural of one fat lady and “legs eleven” for the number 11.

Additionally, “two and eight” for the number 28, “me and you” for the number 2, and “clickety click” for the number 66.

Here is a list of funny bingo calls in the UK:

  • Two Little Ducks (22)
  • Doctor’s Orders (9)
  • Legs Eleven (11)
  • Two Fat Ladies (88)
  • Kelly’s Eye (1)
  • Clickety Click (66)
  • Top of the Shop (90)
  • Unlucky for Some (13)
  • Sweet Sixteen (16)
  • Dirty Gertie (30)

What Are The Most Popular Bingo Calls?

Bingo calls have become an essential part of bingo culture and are used to create a fun and exciting atmosphere in the game. Some of the most popular bingo calls include “Two Little Ducks” for the number 22, “Cup of Tea” for the number 3 and “Half a Crown” for the number 2 and 6.

Other popular calls include “Legs Eleven” for the number 11, “Clickety Click” for the number 66 and “Two Fat Ladies” for the number 88. These calls have become ingrained in the culture of bingo, and are recognised by bingo enthusiasts throughout the UK.

Here is a full list of the most popular bingo calls used in the UK:

  • Two little ducks (22)
  • Unlucky for some (13)
  • Two fat ladies (88)
  • Clickety click (66)
  • Legs eleven (11)
  • Kelly’s eye (1)
  • Two and eight (28)
  • Doctor’s orders (9)
  • The one with the flea (53)
  • Two dozen (24)

Tips For Creating Your Own Bingo Calls

  1. Choose a catchy phrase or a pun that relates to the number, rhyming is always a winner.
  2. Look for inspiration around you, be it popular culture, current affairs, celebrities or local slang.
  3. Avoid anything offensive or inappropriate, keep it light-hearted and fun.
  4. Don’t be afraid to get creative, the wackiest calls are always the most memorable.
  5. Test out your calls on friends and family before introducing them to a wider audience.
  6. Keep in mind the age range and demographic of your audience, tailor your calls accordingly.
  7. Spice things up by assigning different calls for different rounds or special prizes.
  8. Remember, the ultimate goal is to create an engaging and enjoyable game for all players.

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