How Are Slot Machines Programmed?

Summary: Slot machines are programmed using algorithms that determine the winning combinations and payouts. These algorithms generate a random combination of symbols when a player pulls the lever or presses the spin button, determining whether the player wins or loses.

Ever wondered how a slot machine is programmed? You’re not alone.

Here at Best Casino HQ, we often get asked, β€œhow are slot machines programmed?” & even more frequently, β€œcan you trick a slot machine to win?β€œ.

So, for that reason, we decided to put this page together explaining exactly how slot machines are programmed & what makes a slot machine hit the jackpot.

How Are Slot Machines Programmed?

Slot machines use the Random Number Generator to predict slot results. When you click the Spin button to start playing, the RNG will display a combination of symbols on the paylines. A computer is behind the production of the RNG algorithm.

It follows no rhythm or pattern when cooking up numbers. Thus, a player should know they can win or lose a game. They cannot tell when any of the outcomes will occur. Since they follow one program, they do not recall a previous result when you spin the reels afresh. Each result is independent of the last one. 

Are Slot Machines Really Random?

Online slots produce random values. The core of each slot machine is the RNG computer. Upon clicking the Spin icon, the computer will generate random values consisting of symbols. It is safe to think that every RNG corresponds to a symbol in a slot game. When the reels stop, the RNG will fork out a group of symbols. 

If these symbols appear on one payline, you could win. If you have not reached your budget limit yet, click Spin. Again, the computer will create a random symbol combination and display it on the reels. It will be a new result with no correlation to the previous one. Overall, can we claim that slots are random? 

We can confidently say so because most casinos get their slot games from top software providers such as NetEnt & Microgaming. These companies spend a lot of money and time to program RNGs correctly in each slot game. 

Software providers and casino owners use third-party professionals to test randomly generated numbers. When you find the RNGs, the casinos will already be sure of their functionality. Also, these third-party testers do their work often. Thus, online slots are random beyond a reasonable doubt.

Does Stopping the Reels Early Change the Result?

When you click the Spin button, no action after that could change your outcome. The random numbers determining your result for that spin will remain intact if you stop the reels early. Here is the truth. A slot player cannot control the RNG computer when the reel starts rolling. 

Even if you stop the reels early, it will make no difference. Humans who make online slots set RNGs to do a given job via an algorithm. No number of tricks by players will alter this process.

Is There Any Skill Involved in Playing Slots?

Playing slots calls for no specific skill. All you must do is click the Spin button. Slots are nothing like roulette, baccarat, blackjack, or poker. 

You can join a casino site today and attempt to play slots even without prior experience. Slots will give you a profit or a loss at random, whether you have a skill or none. 

What Are the Odds of Winning on a Slot Machine?

A slot machine has a computer chip that produces random values every second. Your performance directly depends on the algorithm it uses to create a result. No trick or playing pattern can guarantee a win. Slots are chance-only games. They have no learning curve. A complete novice player can place bets and win the first time. 

No one can tell when the odds of winning are higher or lower. However, some experts feel that you can increase your odds of winning via simple tricks. You cannot trick the RNG into spitting out random wins more often. However, the following tips might raise your probability of winning:

Do Not Only Play 5-Reel Games

Many players prefer playing five reels slot games. These games provide many paylines, attractive bonuses, and higher odds of winning. However, getting a life-changing win is not something you can foresee.

If you play three-reeled slot machines also, you can win more often. The payout will be small but appear more regularly. Slow wins are better than unpredictable big wins. As you play any reel type, have a spending limit you cannot go beyond.

Choose Maximum Paylines

If a slot game has many paylines, place a bet on each line. If you land high-value symbols, that will be your luckiest day. Another factor that might determine your payout size is the slot machine’s jackpot algorithm and bonus features.

Study The RTP & Variance

If you play in reputable casinos, you will find error-free RGN algorithms. These will determine your outcome regardless of the RTP you select. Since you want to increase your odds of winning, choose games with an RTP of over 96%.

Are Slot Machines Programmed To Make You Lose?

Slot game developers intentionally program their products to give you minimal wins. Hence, you are likely to lose many times and win fewer times. Other factors will determine the number of payouts you get, including symbols, multipliers, and other game features. 

If we say that software developers and casinos design games to make you lose, we will be wrong. Slot games use Random Number Generators, which can produce a win or a loss. Either outcome is possible. However, these RNGs might produce more losses than wins. 

Even after constant losses, a slot machine should end the threshold with a small cash prize. This cash prize should encourage players to continue playing as it gives them hope of winning. That is why it is easy to form an obsession with slot games.

What Makes a Slot Machine Hit the Jackpot?

The more you play an online slot with a jackpot, the closer you become to winning it. An online slot jackpot increases by a small pre-set value every time you spin the reel. Some casinos provide progressive jackpots. 

In this case, a casino pools together many slot machines. A progressive jackpot grows faster because even a non-winning play counts. Hence, more play helps a slot machine come closer to generating a jackpot prize.


We can conclude that casino games work via programmed codes. Once you hit the Spin button, the RNG computer will determine your fate. You cannot change whatever outcome the RNG algorithm produces. The only way to increase your odds of winning is to play longer if your budget allows it.

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