Online Casino FAQs

To help you better understand online casinos, their rules, how the games work & how you can potentially win, we’ve covered several FAQs below:

Do you win more if you bet more on slots?

Simply put, the larger the bet, the more you could win when playing slots. On the flipside, the lower the stake, the lesser the returns. But always keep in mind that these slots are random.

As you know, placing large bets on online slots increases your chances of winning, but it also puts your slot machine strategy at risk and increases the likelihood that you will quickly exhaust your bankroll. Importantly, it’s obvious that the bet size does not affect the odds of winning.

Do new slot machines payout?

Yes. Early slot machines used mechanical randomization principles, which had their limitations. The overall random number generation mechanism has been digitalized over the last few decades. Obviously, they pay out just the same as regular slot machines.

But their payouts mainly vary depending on RTP & volatility. How much of the entire bet amount is returned to players as profits depends on the RTP %. While the frequency and the average magnitude of a slot machine’s payouts are determined by volatility.

Here, RTP (Return to Player) and volatility make up the majority of a slot machine engine. In other words, these elements affect how much and how frequently you stand to win at a specific game.

Do casinos track your IP address?

Yes, they do. The majority of locally operated casino websites are required by local casino platforms. Regulators in these nations oblige businesses, as casino operators, to monitor players’ IP addresses. This is to verify that they are only providing services to players who are located in the permitted region.

There’s legislation to monitor and record players’ IP addresses for auditing purposes. Apart from the need for IP addresses for regulatory purposes, some casinos track players’ IP addresses in order to give those targeted advertisements.

In order to ensure the highest standards in data privacy and GDPR compliance for the online gambling business, the Code offers industry-specific guidelines and best practices. Additionally, it is meant to reassure customers that their data is being handled properly. According to the EGBA, the Code goes beyond the GDPR to establish crucial guidelines to strengthen data portability rights, stop and handle data breaches, and increase transparency.

Can you use a VPN at an online casino?

A VPN may work, but it is advisable to use a VPN for online casinos only if doing so does not violate both the terms of service of the website you’re using and the laws of the nation in which you are located. Here, the IP addresses are used to know your correct location for licensing reasons.

Also, some casinos employ detection techniques to determine whether users are logged in to a VPN server. So, if they discover a VPN activity that violates their terms of service, they have the right to suspend or delete a user’s account.

Are online slots rigged?

No, online slots are legitimate & winnings are random. As a matter of fact, all legitimate websites take the necessary measures to guarantee that their consumers are treated fairly.

The gaming commission or authority routinely inspects these. The only networking used by the machines is for reporting (accounting purposes) and progressive jackpots. Each machine runs its own separate algorithms. NO ONE is pressing a button to announce winners anywhere. The gaming establishment would revoke a machine’s operating licence if it were discovered to have been rigged.

But always make sure you are playing in a casino that is supervised and licensed if you want a fair game.

Do online casinos let you win at first?

No, there isn’t any system in slot machines or casinos that gives players winnings when they first start playing and then deducts those winnings and their bankrolls as they keep playing. The arithmetic used in the games is what you are feeling.

Usually, casinos may use welcome bonuses, no-deposit bonuses, free spins bonuses, and other promotional offers to entice new players to create an account and start playing.

What’s the easiest game to win at a casino?

Finding an advantage that will enable you to win is the key to casino gambling and all other forms of gaming. Having an advantage, no matter how big or small, might mean the difference between winning and losing.

Of all the games, blackjack is the most advantageous. With a 49% chance of winning, blackjack has the best odds of any game. Also, the house edge is only 1%, meaning that players can keep practically all of their earnings for themselves. Additionally, it has very straightforward rules: just outscore the dealer’s hand without exceeding 21 points.

Can casinos ban you for you winning too much?

No, as long as you adhere to their policies and regulations. Since they attract additional value, legitimate casinos genuinely welcome winners. Even better, you might see your image or name on a gambling website.

Remember that it is not a smart business practice to prohibit players who have won a significant amount of money legally. Because word-of-mouth spreads like wildfire, online casinos frequently conduct extensive due diligence before a ban.

What to do if your casino game crashes or freezes?

Inconveniences like a game freezing in the middle of the spin can occur occasionally. The majority of the time, it’s because of network issues or bugs in the game’s software. However, there is no need to panic because solutions to such issues are simple.

  • Re-launch the game

Simply stop playing and start it again if you’re on the casino website. However, you might need to delete your cookies and browsing history. The same holds true whether you’re using a mobile app to play. Simply quit the program and game and reopen them. 99% of the time, when your screen freezes, this remedy ought to work.

  • Reinstall the app

Reinstalling the mobile app could be necessary if relaunching the game didn’t resolve the issue. Usually, you must reinstall or upgrade the program software in order to play again once it becomes bugged. Despite how long it takes to truly fix the problem, it won’t stop you from progressing in the game.

  • Contact customer support

Rarely, the issue might withstand all of your efforts. That implies that you are no longer responsible for the issue. In these circumstances, you should get in touch with customer service and assistance via the casino’s website or the mobile app.

Remember that the support team deals with several difficulties on a regular basis, so don’t expect a prompt response. If the game has to be fixed by the developers, you might have to wait a bit for the issue to be resolved. Although it is aggravating, there isn’t much you can do about it other than wait for the issue to be fixed.

Is blackjack worth playing at a casino?

Blackjack is really worth playing at casinos as it has a 49% chance of winning, the best odds of any game. Additionally, it has very straightforward rules: just outscore the dealer’s hand without exceeding 21 points.

Blackjack is a game centred on numbers rather than luck, which is why players find it to be so intriguing. The player controls their own destiny; depending on the possibility of a specific event, there is an “optimal move” for a player. The house edge in blackjack is only 1%. We are certain that blackjack is the casino game that provides the best possibilities of winning based on all these criteria.

How many numbers should you bet on roulette?

You must select one team to win in order to win a single bet. You will be compensated if that result is accurate. If it’s wrong, you lose your bet and receive no winnings. The most frequent is that playing fewer numbers reduces your exposure to the house edge compared to playing more numbers.

A single wager, often known as a straight wager, is uncomplicated and easy to understand.

You stake one bet on a single result:

If you’re correct, you win.

You lose if you’re wrong.

Your buddies want to place large bets and are thinking about aggregating many separate wagers into one. It is referred to as a multiple bet. By placing multiple bets, you may be confident that your numbers will hit frequently and that you won’t have too many misses or protracted losing streaks. The number of selections in a multiple bet increases its complexity.

In general, multiple betting offers a better technique to get better odds with a chance of a sizable payout. However, the risks are minimal.

Which roulette has the best odds?

One of the casino games with the most readily identifiable names is roulette, which has been around for several centuries. But, the odds of winning change for these variations even though the game’s fundamental principles do not change.

Undoubtedly, European Roulette has the best odds if you want to generate long-term earnings. The fact that there is only one zero pocket in European roulette makes the odds better than those in American roulette. Also, the house advantage is quite low at 2.70%; gambling experts recommend always using the European version.

What happens if you bet every number in roulette?

This is called the aggressive 666 technique, which is a relatively low-risk online roulette betting strategy. According to the idea, increasing your chances of winning a tiny profit by placing bets on so many numbers at once. In roulette, cover-all bets can be advantageous since they allow the player to distribute the risk among the players.

But there are many other risks involved in such systems. First of all, each spin requires a sizable wager from you. Additionally, even if you win on even-money wagers, you won’t cover your initial investment.

The main issue with the 666 method is that the house always has a disadvantage over the player. For instance, a straight-up wager pays 35/1. However, the true odds are 37/1. You never receive the true odds as a player.

What are the best casino bonuses?

Casinos are renowned for enticing new and returning customers with numerous perks.

Everyone enjoys receiving free things, and free money is the best of all. One of the most alluring special offers is a free spin no deposit casino bonus. This is due to the fact that it implies that you can start gambling and profit without any of your funds at risk.

Which online casino has the biggest welcome bonus?

Casinos are forever changing their bonuses & if we were to list one specific casino here, there would likely be another casino offering a better bonus tomorrow. The good news is that we actively update the listings on our best casino bonuses page, so if you’re looking for the best bonus, head there.

What are wagering requirements?

A popular phrase in the T&Cs section of an online betting campaign is “wagering requirements.” It shows how many times you must spend through a bonus before you may withdraw any earnings that are related to it. For instance, if you have Β£100 in your account but only Β£50 of that is bonus money, you must meet the wagering requirements before you can withdraw your winnings.

For bonuses for online sports betting, the required wagering might be anywhere from 1x and 5x. You must wager the bonus money (and maybe the deposit money) that many times in order to meet the wagering requirement.

You can read our full guide on wagering requirements here.

Can you withdraw a casino bonus balance?

Keep in mind that only winnings from wagering bonus funds on casino games can be cashed out by players; the bonus’s actual value can never be done so. These incentives are known as cashable or non-sticky bonuses.

Sticky bonuses are another option; even earnings from them cannot be cashed out. When you bet a bonus, any winnings from games remain in the system “for gambling purposes.”

Normally they use 90% actual cash and 10% bonus cash to cover the entry fee when you enter a match.

Which online casino gives the most free spins?

Nothing is more enjoyable than receiving a large number of free spins and then sitting back and watching the winning streak. However, it might be challenging for you to find which casino gives out the most free spins. If so, you can thank us later since we’ve compiled a list of the top online slot sites that offer the most free spins.

Undoubtedly, with us, we meticulously handpick the greatest deals, and our casino professionals assess each casino we recommend to make sure it satisfies our high standards for excellence. So, you can compare bonuses on our site, to get the most out of them.

You may utilise the free spins no deposit bonuses that we’ve listed on this website to play some of the top online slots available right now because every free spins offer comes from an online casino with an amazing selection of games.

Can you win real money from free spins?

Yes, winning money with free spins is totally doable, providing you’re playing on a real money casino site, and people do it all the time. The difficulty lies in the fact that casinos won’t just hand over their cash. You can withdraw any remaining funds to your bank account after meeting the wagering criteria and hitting it big at the slots.

Regardless of whether a gambler is a novice or a professional, they find these to be an intriguing offer because you can still potentially win money on them, but you cannot lose. Free spins without making a deposit are also excellent for people who want to try out a slot machine without risking any of their own money.

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