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Crash gambling has been rapidly growing in popularity recently & many players are looking to take to this brand-new form of gambling.

But what exactly is crash gambling? How does it work? And is it worth it?

On this page, we will be uncovering everything you need to need to know about crash gambling in the UK, including how you can play real money crash gambling games.

What Is Crash Gambling?

Crash gambling is a game that entails placing a bet on what outcome a virtual crash will have, in which case the multiplier will increase to a sudden break, at which point all the bets will have been lost.

In most instances, there is no limit on the multiplier, but an early crash is possible. The gambler does not have any way of knowing the event that will take place.

It is a game that has picked popularity in recent times by giving gamblers a method of online gambling that is both fast-paced and exciting.

Crash gambling is developed and maintained by Spribe, a developer specialising in arcade games. Originally, this game was called Aviator, showing a plane flying for a long time before crashing. Crash gambling has transformed an aircraft into a small dot or a rocket.

Crash gambling has as its basis the Provably Fair RNG, even though the high multipliers will reward the gamblers who are capable of holding their nerve long enough for it to build up. It has been compared to Ethereum, where those who are rewarded are those capable of holding on until there is an added value to their winnings.

Crash gambling has been credited with being very simple to play. What the payers need is just to make a single decision, which is whether they will cash their bet out or they will stay put and wait for a multiplier that is higher than the current value.

One more advantage that has been cited about the game is that it is fast when compared to most games, which means the results are quick, and it offers instant gratification.

How Does Crash Gambling Work?

The working of crash gambling can be better explained with the use of an example where you place a bet of 3 BTC on a crash gambling round.

With the game beginning, the multiplier will move up steeply, and you will have the chance to get in and cash out your bet before a crash happens. By the time you stop the clock, your multiplier will have moved to a value of, let us say, 7.01x, which means that you will have won 21.03 BTC.

In the instance that there was a crash of the multiplier before you had thought of cashing out, you will have lost all your stake.

If you really want to have some winnings at the end of your session, you should be prepared to cash out before your multiplier peaks. The entire game tests your nerves to gauge how high you are willing to risk your stake before claiming your winnings.

Crash Gambling Strategy: What’s The Best Method?

Even though Crash gambling has created a reputation as being a simple game of Bitcoin betting, most people who play the game like to approach it strategically.

They are usually assured that this will cause an increase in their winnings while also bringing in an addition of discipline in their mode of playing. There is a considerable part of the game that will be determined by luck, but by maximizing it by using a strategic approach, there will undoubtedly be some good results in the longer term.

Some of the critical elements that have been employed in the strategy of Crash gambling are:

  • Keeping your bets small β€“ There is no knowledge of when the crash is happening, so you should watch the game closely. You should also know that the crush might be as sudden as a few seconds after launching the game. To ensure that there is no damage to your betting hopes caused by overconfidence, you should place small bets in the initial rounds. You will lose your stake when the crash happens, with no chance of returning it. Therefore, to get the game’s rhythm, start with small stakes.
  • Learning everything you can about automated bets β€“ Most crash gambling games allow you to make automated crypto bets that will to each round, endlessly, until you have stopped them. You will not lose so much by their small bets, and should you win, you can accumulate them steadily. These should not be mistaken with automated cash-outs that take your winnings immediately once the multiplier has gotten to a specific point.
  • Betting low after you have won β€“ You should consolidate your gains after you have won, which means it is unwise to put everything back. Place small bets, aiming at small wins that will see you consolidate your position. When increasing your bet, you should do it by 0.1 of a unit every time, mostly after you have just lost.

Play Crash Gambling Games for Real Money

Different game variations enable you to play crash gambling using real money. These variations almost always present different layouts of gameplay, as shown below:

Crash Gambling Example 1

Figure 1: Mines

Crash Gambling Example 2

Figure 2: Keno

Crash Gambling Example 3

Figure 3: Mini Roulette

Crash Gambling Example 4

Figure 4: Aviator

Crash Gambling with Fake Money

Some gamblers consider participating in Crash gambling by using fake money to practice. They reason that after this, they can fashion a strategy to see them make handsome wins. However, this is impractical since the game’s dynamics are made randomly. This means that the technique you would have applied in your practice using fake money has no guarantee of creating favourable outputs when you choose to stake real money.

Where Can You Play Crash Gambling?

Some of the best sites where you can play Crash gambling include:

  • – Overall, this is the best crash gambling site since its establishment in 2018. This site offers customer satisfaction, accepting players from many countries. Those who get stuck can use the live chat feature. The possibility of making cryptocurrency deposits for those wanting to play cash is also possible.
  • – This site has the best welcome bonuses while also working with some of the best software developers in the industry. Curacao licenses them. This site was established in 2014. Your privacy is guaranteed due to their 256-bit encryption. They also offer Ethereum and Bitcoin when playing.
  • – This site has the biggest crash-betting games library (+47). Despite not being licensed as a casino and lacking customer support, they offer crypto withdrawals and deposits, which not many casinos in the world can provide. Their user interface is friendly, and their registration process is quick.
  • 7Bit Casino – This is the original site for crash games. They have developed a mobile app that enables you to enjoy the game on your phone. They have a friendly user interface and a low house edge with better deals.
  • – The best site to play JetX has been here since its establishment in 2018. The Curacao eGaming Authority licenses them, and they have mobile support and a cash-out period lasting just one hour. They have a 100% deposit bonus which you can use to send Bitcoin to the cashiers.

Is Crash Gambling Profitable?

Crash gambling can bring in profits when you attain crazy levels of multipliers. Attaining these profits requires you to be well-versed in the game’s dynamics.

Some casinos do not limit the height that the multiplier can reach, which means that the players have the chance of making huge wins.

However, what you must always remember is that you are not by any means guaranteed to win. Let it ride too long & you could lose your entire stake.

So with that in mind, crash gambling should not be seen as a way to make money. It is gambling, and ultimately, the house always wins.


Crash gambling is a fun novelty compared to other gambling games & it’s, therefore, easy to see why it’s become so popular so quickly.

If you’re tired of playing table games or online slots, then crash gambling could prove to be a fun alternative.

However, as mentioned throughout this page, you should always keep in mind that even though it is fun, it is still gambling & by playing, you risk losing your money.

But overall, hopefully, this page helped you to better understand crash gambling & find out everything you wanted to know.

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