Do Online Slots Remember You?

Online slots cannot recall you or your favourite games. Winning or losing is a random affair. The slot machine cannot remember if you won or lost the last time you played. 

Online slot machines use Random Number Generators to determine your outcomes. However, they do not keep a database of your spins or winnings. Only a casino operator can track these activities. Keep on reading to discover more about this. 

Do Online Slots Have Memory? 

Online slot machines do not have a memory. They cannot remember if you won or lost in a previous game. Even if you won previously, the next win is not a guarantee. It will be a fresh attempt leading to a win or a loss. 

Do Online Slots Remember You?

Online slot games are popular casino games that are played by many players worldwide. Some players wonder if these slot games remember their past wins or losses. However, the reality is that online slots don’t “remember” anything about their players. Each spin’s outcome is purely random and independent of previous spins or the player’s history.

Online slots ensure fairness and uniqueness in each game via a random number generator (RNG). If this number favours you today, it might disqualify you the next time. Playing slots online is all about chance and luck. 

Can a Slot Game Remember What You’ve Won?

An online slot machine cannot remember the player or their previous outcomes. After displaying a win, they will not recall it again. The RNG algorithm gives each slot game player an equal opportunity to win. Hence, every click to spin the reels is fair and triggers any result. 

Random number generators produce unsystematic values when you click the button to spin the reels. These numbers then turn into a slot outcome. You will see your outcome on the reels. The computer that produces RNGs does not recognize or recall anyone. It does not record your bets, spins, wins, or losses. 

Thus, it has no history of your wins. The casino owner cannot control how the computer does the math. They can only see how much you have won to process your withdrawals. If you keep spinning the reels, the RNGs will determine your results each time. 

A slot machine will generate an outcome even without a record of your past performance. No rigging could occur since casinos use third parties to test and approve their RNGs. 

Playing slot games at one machine does not raise your winning odds more than the next person’s. Each spin is unique because the machine does not remember the previous result.

Why Do I Always Lose on Online Slot Machines?

Players like slot machines because they can spin the reels as often as they wish. However, winning many times is not a guarantee. If you always lose, it is not all your fault. 

Slot games’ programming and design are to blame for multiple losses. The design is in a way that your chances of winning are less. Nevertheless, one win can be big enough to recover your losses. 

Winning money while playing online slots should not be your only goal. These games should also arouse enjoyment and relaxation. If you focus more on the losses you have made, you might feel too disappointed in these games. 

You have no choice but to accept the casino slot game’s programming. Simultaneously, focus on the small things you can do to reduce your losing odds. These include the following: 

Embrace slots’ volatility

Each slot game has an RTP (Return to Player) percentage and variance. The higher the RTP, the higher the winning odds. Also, a high variance means that a slot game is volatile. You can make many small wins in one session and lose a lot in the next. If you endure and accept only the winning sessions, you cannot play slot games with a relaxed mind. 

Avoid slot machines with low RTPs

Ninety-six per cent is the industry’s standard RTP. If you pick a game with a lower RTP than this, you might lose more than you gain. Even if you win, the values would be lower than if you chose a higher RTP game. A higher RTP slot game can give you higher payouts in a session. Even if you lose in the next one, you will still take home some bucks. Always read the payout table before choosing a slot game.

Work with a budget

A prudent slot game player knows they can lose or win. They are okay with that and have a backup plan in the form of a budget. This budget shows the amount of money they are willing to bet for one day. Once they hit the limit, they stop playing. You should do the same thing. If you continue playing regardless of multiple losses, you might waste money. Also, ceaseless playing could exhaust any small wins you might have had. 

Do not take casinos’ complimentary services or gifts

After reaching a certain expenditure limit, most casinos give players some complimentary services or gifts. However, getting these gifts will come with conditions. One of these is betting more with your money. 

Making large bets

Avoid making big bets severally unless you are a high roller. As loss is a possibility, you could waste a lot of money. Making big bets could give you high payouts. However, take the risk only if you can afford to lose the amount you spend. As we hinted earlier, casino slots’ design ensures you make minimal wins. That is why you should work with a budget. Do not overspend, lose your money, and feel bad afterwards.

Are Online Slots Really Random?

Online casino slot machines use the Random Number Generator algorithm to produce a winner. When you spin the reels, the RNG will shoot a value across the paylines. There is a computer that generates the RNGs arbitrarily. 

It does not follow any given pattern each time it displays an RNG. Hence, online slots are random. Do not bother trying to defeat a slot machine. Once you hit your budget limit, leave the casino site.

How Do Online Slots Decide Who Wins?

Do you wonder how a slot machine picks the winner? Winning any cash prize at an online slot casino is by probability. A slot machine will give you a win if you match certain symbols on the paylines. 

If you have played slot games before, you know symbols can vary. However, most games provide the Wild as the symbol that substitutes all others. Additionally, some slots have progressive jackpots, allowing you a chance to win a huge jackpot prize. 

You also get free spins and cashback bonuses to increase your odds of winning. An online slot can give you a win based on the number of reels and paylines. The most popular reel type is three. You will find it in top classic slot games like the Fortunes of Egypt and Cleopatra.

These have few paylines and lower winning odds. A five-reel slot game is also popular. Like the 3-reel one, the 5-reel slot game has symbols and many paylines. Due to many paylines, your odds of winning go up. 

No matter the number of reels and paylines, online slot machines use RNGs to produce the winner. As random number generators have no bias, a current win does not rely on the previous one.


If you won the last time you used a slot machine online, you might get the same result or another one next time. Online slots do not track your spinning action. A new spin will produce a unique result. A slot machine’s RNG will not record your outcome. It does not recall anything you did last time.

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