How Long Does It Take To Get Verified at an Online Casino?

Online casinos have increased in popularity, offering the entertainment and chance to win real money found in brick-and-mortar casinos but with the added convenience of being able to play at a time and place that suits you.Β 

However, before you can start spinning the slot reels or the roulette wheel, you must undergo a verification process. This process can feel cumbersome and invasive, but it is a critical part of ensuring a secure and fair gambling environment. 

So, how long does it take to get verified at an online casino? This article delves into this question and more. 

Why Do Online Casinos Ask For ID?

Before we explore the duration, it is crucial to understand what the verification process entails. 

Online casinos are legally obliged to confirm the identity of their players, and asking for ID is an integral part of this process. Online casinos must confirm the identity of their players, primarily to ensure they are of legal gambling age β€” 18 years in the UK. Additionally, the verification process helps to prevent fraudulent activities and uphold responsible gambling practices.Β 

To ascertain a player’s identity, age, and residence, online casinos typically request certain documents. These may include: 

  • Passport: This serves as a valid identification document, providing proof of age and identity.
  • Driving Licence: This can also be used as a valid identification document.
  • Household bills: Utility bills, such as electricity or water bills, can confirm a player’s address.
  • Financial statement: This document can verify the player’s financial status and source of funds.

Apart from ensuring players are of legal gambling age, ID verification also helps to prevent fraud. By confirming the identity of players, online casinos can significantly reduce the risk of identity theft or misuse of funds. 

When it comes to withdrawals, online casinos may ask for ID to ensure the money is transferred to the rightful owner and not someone else pretending to be them. This requirement helps to prevent money laundering and any other potential illicit activities related to the funds.Β 

How Long Does Casino Verification Take?

The duration of the casino verification process can vary significantly from one online casino to another. Some casinos may offer instant verification if it can be done electronically. However, if documents are required, the verification process might take longer. 

The length of the process is also influenced by the quality of the documents provided. Clear and up-to-date copies of the required documents can facilitate a smoother and quicker verification process. 

How To Speed Up Online Casino Verification

While the verification process is an important step to ensure safe and responsible gambling, and it is largely down to the casino as to how long it takes, there are things you can do to ensure as smooth a process as possible: 

  • Provide Accurate Information: When registering, make sure to provide accurate personal information. Any discrepancies can lead to delays in the verification process.
  • Submit Clear Documents: The quality of the documents submitted can impact the verification process. Ensure you provide clear and up-to-date copies of the required documents.
  • Respond Promptly: If the casino requires additional documents or information, responding promptly can help expedite the process.

Casino Asking For Proof of Income: What To Do?

Online casinos may request proof of income, which might seem invasive but is essential for two main reasons: 

  • Regulatory Compliance: Online casinos are required to verify the source of a player’s funds to prevent potential money laundering activities.
  • Player Safety: If a player is consistently making large deposits and placing hefty bets, the casino might ask for proof of income to confirm that the player can afford to gamble in this manner. This is a responsible gambling measure to help prevent players from getting into financial trouble.

If a casino asks for your proof of income, you should provide the necessary documents, such as a bank statement or a payslip, to confirm your income. 

Can Gambling Sites Hold Your Money?

Online casinos can hold your money under certain circumstances. For instance, if your account has not yet been verified, the casino might hold your deposit or winnings until the verification process is completed. This is intended to prevent fraudulent activities and ensure the integrity of the gambling environment.Β 

Additionally, if you are found to have violated the casino’s terms and conditions, your account may be suspended, and the casino may refuse to pay out. 


While the casino verification process might seem tedious, it is a necessary step to ensure a safe and secure gambling environment for both the players and the casino. Providing accurate information and necessary documents promptly can help expedite the process, allowing you to get on with your online casino experience sooner. 

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