Scratch Card Checker – Check If Your Scratch Card Won Online

UK players can access several different scratch cards these days. Besides the National Lottery scratch cards, players can find many other cards across retail shops in the UK. 

Knowing simple rules, such as not accepting damaged, scratched-off, or altered scratch cards, is vital. And you know that after buying any scratch card, you will either win or lose.

The question is: do you know how to check the result? You need a scratch card checker to discover whether you have won or lost. 

We will describe the scratch card checker in detail to help you understand what it is and how it works. Keep on reading to learn everything you need to know.

Scratch Card Checker – What Is It?

A scratch card checker is a scanning machine for determining winners and losers. The scratch card checker is present in National Lottery authenticated stores only. 

Also, only those working in these shops can validate your win or loss via the scratch card checker.

This scanner is only available offline. No version of it exists online. If you plan to use a scratch card checker online, sorry to disappoint you, but it’s not possible.

How Do I Check My Scratch Card Online?

If you are new to scratch card games, we want you to understand one thing. No legitimate method of checking your scratch card online exists. Those who play National Lottery games can check their winnings online.

They can visit the companyโ€™s website and view their lottery winnings. Even other companies offering lotteries do list winners on their websites. Unfortunately, you cannot find an equivalent online method for scratch cards. 

Some UK players check their scratch cards on an active social media fun page. For instance, some visit a Facebook fan page, post an image of their 4-digit code and ask fellow National Lottery scratch card players for feedback. 

Even if you can discover the result this way, you will still need to walk into an offline National Lottery store. It is the only way to verify the win and collect your prize. Besides, you might have to pay a small fee to know if you won or lost on Facebook. 

Therefore, save time and money by taking your scratch card straight to a scratch card scanner. Show the 4-digit code on the front side of your scratch card to the store attendant if you think you have won. They will confirm this win for you.

Scratch Card Scanner App – Why Do None Exist?

If you are currently online searching for a scratch card scanner app, you will not find any. We have no such tool & neither does anybody else. This tool does not exist because the National Lottery has not made it yet. The Camelot Group has a National Lottery App allowing you to play Lotto and Euromillions. Players with iOS and Android devices can use this app.

How To Check If Your Scratch Card Is a Winner?

If you played a National Lottery scratch card recently and want to know if you won, there is only one sure way out. Take your scratch card to a relevant shop for scanning and validation. 

The store assistant will let you know about your win. They have a scratch card checker that you cannot locate anywhere online. 

Anyone telling you to check your results online is not legitimate. There is no downloadable scratch card scanner app available to smartphone users now. Sometimes you may not get a win because of the following reasons:

Presenting an expired scratch card

Most people search for an online-based scratch card checker to verify an expired card. Maybe you bought a scratch card, kept it in a drawer, and forgot about it. If you stumble upon this scratch card, you might excitedly take it to a National Lottery store. Unfortunately, the store will not give you a present if your scratch card is already past its expiry date.

After a scratch card game ends, all winners should collect their awards within six months. If you fail to claim yours within this period, it will enter the National Lottery Good Causes Fund. If the prize enters this fund, a needy person will get it while you miss it.

If you want to know if your scratch card is still active, check the relevant page on the National Lottery website. If you do not see it there, do not claim any winnings. But to be sure, visit an offline store and verify your result.

You played incorrectly

Has it been a while since you played scratch card games? If yes, you should know that the rules are constantly changing. You can lose unless you know of the subtle changes that crop up when they re-launch a scratch card game.

Most players feel lost when playing Four-in-a-row, Cashword, or Bingo scratch card games. These games are easy to play, but players can fail if they scratch off the entire card or the incorrect symbols. You may not know if you won or lost if you make this mistake.

The best way to know if you can correct a prize is to take your card to a store for instant scanning. If they are unable to verify your win there, you will not get a prize.

Using a non-validated scratch card

A store should validate any batch of scratch cards before selling them. All verified cards hardly go missing before the sale. Although very rare, a store can forget to verify a pack of scratch cards before selling them.

If some cards in the pack are winners, holders cannot collect any prize. Even if it is not your fault to buy a non-validated scratch card, you will not get your winnings. You will present your card, and the store assistant will tell you it is invalid.

If you ever encounter this issue, take your scratch card to the shop that sold it. Hopefully, the shop owner will solve the matter and hand you your prize.


If you intend to start playing scratch card games in the UK, we hope that you have found this information useful. We also hope that the information on this page protects you from falling victim to any online scratch card checker scams.

As we’ve mentioned, the only way to access a scratch card Checker is to visit a National Lottery store offline. The store attendants will scan the QR code of your card and tell you if you have won. If you do not win, check if your card is invalid or expired.

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