What Are Wagering Requirements?

Summary: Wagering requirements are a set of conditions that online casinos impose on bonus funds or winnings from bonus spins. These requirements specify how much a player must wager or bet in order to be able to withdraw the bonus funds or winnings from them. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about wagering requirements.

Casinos offer generous promotions and bonuses. Yet, they enforce some terms and conditions dictating their use and claim. One of the most common terms in a casino’s terms and conditions is the wagering requirement, also called a playthrough or rollover term.

This term states how often punters are expected to deposit an amount equal to the bonus and use it in gameplay. 

Often, the wagering term only applies to the bonus amount, but in some rare cases, it can cover the wins the incentive collects.

As an illustration, consider a casino offering a match promotion of 100% up to £100 with a wagering requirement of 10x attached to it. To receive the maximum of £100, players must deposit an amount equivalent to 10 times the offer, that is £1,000. 

If players attempt to cash out before the rollover term is met, the bonus and payouts it has activated can be cancelled. Also, if the condition is not completed within the stipulated shelf life, it will be cancelled along with its winnings. 

Casinos offer bonuses with wagering requirements to prevent gamblers from misusing them. When a wagering requirement is in place, punters must commit more real money to an online casino before they can get additional funds. The wagering requirement functions like an insurance policy for the casinos. 

What Are Wagering Requirements?

To understand what wagering requirements are, you must know what a wager is. Simply put, a wager is a bet. A wager is also the amount of money you stake with every sports match, spin of a reel or hand of cards. It can also be the overall amount of money you use to make a bet in a specific period or season. 

After taking advantage of a promotion that you are used to playing with or signing up at a new online casino, chances are that you will come across several bonus offers, which could be in the form of free bets, cashback bonuses, and free spins.

It sounds great. However, it is worth noting that the offers come with some requirements, which are referred to as wagering requirements.

The wagering requirements stipulate that players must wager a specified amount of money before withdrawing the bonus or collecting the winnings that they derive from it. In simple terms, a wagering requirement is a multiplier that characterizes the number of times the players have to play before they can withdraw any winnings. 

For instance, if a player is given a casino bonus of £20 with a wagering requirement of 10x, he or she needs to spend £200 on an eligible game before they can withdraw the pending wins they gain. On some of the games, stakes may not count fully towards the wagering requirement. However, chances are that the Standard Game Weightings may apply. To clarify it, it is advisable to check the terms and conditions carefully. 

Note that any winnings that players make as they work toward their wagering requirements are normally deposited in a pending balance, and they cannot withdraw it until the wagering requirements are met. The players can, however, use the pending funds to work towards the wagering requirement. 

Bonuses’ wagering requirements are applicable to an account from the time a bonus is applied to an account or accepted. For them to release the pending funds to the main wallet, players need to complete the wagering requirement for the bonus that applies. After they have done that, they can receive all the pending balances for the said bonus in their main wallet.  

Why Do Casinos Have Wagering Requirements?

Many people tend to think that the reason why casinos have wagering requirements is to get more money from the players. However, this is not the main reason. In fact, there is a genuine and legitimate explanation for why casinos use wagering requirements. 

Casinos have put in place wagering requirements to abide by the anti-money laundering regulations. If casinos had not put the wagering requirements into place, criminals would find it easy to clean the money they have gotten illegally. All they need to do is deposit the funds and withdraw them immediately. 

Wagering requirements play a significant role in protecting sportsbooks and online casinos from players who are seeking to simply take the bonus & withdraw the cash without playing any game. By putting wagering requirements in place, the sportsbooks and casinos ensure that players must play the games and lose some of their bonus before withdrawing whatever they have won. 

Wagering requirements are naturally put into place when players ask to get their bonus, which could be a reload or welcome bonus. The wagering requirements will stipulate the amount of money that the players can wager and the games that they can play using the bonus. Sometimes, the players may also be asked to make a certain deposit before claiming their bonus.  

Understanding the wagering requirements before demanding a bonus is important for players because they will avoid disappointments, which results from claiming a bonus without having met the wagering requirements, which is not possible.  

Can You Beat Casino Wagering Requirements?

There is no known way of going around bonus wagering requirements. Simply, it is only possible to beat the wagering requirements if you clear the terms. When selecting the most appropriate wagering requirement to apply the terms to, it is important to carefully confirm the bonus’ shelf life.

Make sure it is sensible enough to allow you to claim the offer and clear it for withdrawal purposes without feeling that you have been forced to do so in a rush. Punters need to create a favourable situation to play via incentives while avoiding friction as much as possible. Here are some tips. 

Evade Bonuses

The best way to evade the pressure of having to clear playthrough terms is to avoid all casino incentives. All gambling destinations come with attached rewards, and all are bound by wagering requirements. Therefore, avoiding these terms is impossible if you are enjoying the promotions and bonuses. This is recommendable for anyone who does not have the money needed by the rollover terms.

Avoiding bonuses may limit the available funds to gamble with, but it also keeps gamblers from losing more money than they can handle.

Note that there are rare bonuses that come without any attached playthrough terms. This means that players can use them or withdraw them without being forced to make any deposits. Players can take advantage of such offers if they are comfortable with the other terms. 

Select Bonuses With Low Playthrough Terms

The good thing about bonuses with low wagering requirements is that they can be cleared using small amounts, which is not the case for bonuses with high playthrough terms.

For example, a £200 bonus requires a player to spend £2,000 to clear a rollover term of 10x. This amount is easy to meet in comparison to £20,000, which requires one to clear with a 100x playthrough term.

Also, you can choose to go for incentives that come with playthrough terms that cover the amount of bonus only. The collected winning can significantly increase the rollover amount if considered in the requirement, even with a low wagering requirement.

Most offers do not consider the collected winning, though, but all the same, confirming it will not cost you anything.

Claim Small Offers

If the bonus comes with a high playthrough term and you still need it, you should avoid aiming at the maximum. You should claim a small amount. For instance, if you take a bonus of £50 with a wagering term of 50x, you will be required to use £2,500 to clear the offer.

In contrast, if you go for a bonus of £500 with the same rollover requirement, you will be required to use £25,000 to clear the offer. Small bonuses may not boost your bankroll significantly, but they can save you huge deposit demands. 

How Are Wagering Requirements Calculated?

It is relatively easy to calculate your wagering requirements. You can plug in your numbers in the following formula to get a baseline. (Wagering Requirement) X (Bonus Amount) = Total Bet. For instance, if you deposit £50, you get a deposit-match bonus of £50, and your wagering requirement is 30X, the formula appears like this. 

(30) x (£50) = £1,500.

Based on the casino, you may come across a sticky bonus. In that case, the wagering requirements include your first deposit and the formula changes. 

(Initial Deposit) + (Bonus Amount) x (Wagering Requirement) = Total bet

Following the initial illustration, the formula would appear like this: (£50) + (£50) x (30) = £3,000. 

Although the numbers appear high, they are easy to meet. 

You can use the winnings from the bonus funds to make wagers. If you make wagers smartly, you can beat the requirement and have something left over. 


Wagering requirements have a vital role in play in casinos. They are some terms and conditions that sportsbooks and online casinos impose on promotions and bonuses.

The requirements specify how much players should wager before withdrawing winning earned from bonuses. This article has discussed wagering requirements, how to calculate them, and tips for beating them.

Hopefully, it has helped you to better understand wagering requirements. If you have more casino-related questions, be sure to check out our other online casino FAQs.

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