When Is The Next Lotto Must Be Won Draw? Roll Down Date

The adrenaline rush that comes with playing the lottery is an experience many cherish. The anticipation, the thrill, and the possibility of a life-changing win make it an exciting venture.

Among the numerous lottery draws, the ‘Must-Be-Won’ draw holds a unique appeal.

This particular draw guarantees that someone will walk away with a jackpot prize, making it a highly anticipated event in the lottery calendar.

What Is a Must Be Won Draw?

A ‘Must-Be-Won’ draw is a special lottery event that guarantees the jackpot will be won on the night of the draw. This type of draw typically occurs when no one has matched all the winning numbers in five consecutive draws. The sixth draw is then labelled a ‘Must-Be-Won’ draw.

In this draw, even if no one matches all the winning numbers, the jackpot is awarded. If no one matches all the numbers, the jackpot ‘rolls down’ to the players who match the most numbers.

When Is The Next Lotto Must Be Won Draw?

The ‘Must-Be-Won’ draw does not have a fixed schedule. Instead, it happens when the Lotto jackpot has not been won in five consecutive draws.

The sixth draw then becomes a ‘Must-Be-Won’ draw, ensuring that the jackpot will be awarded no matter what.

The timing of these draws is, therefore, unpredictable and dependent on the outcomes of previous draws.

Lotto Roll Down vs Must Be Won

A ‘Must-Be-Won’ draw should not be confused with a ‘Roll Down’. The difference between the two lies in the distribution of the jackpot.

In a ‘Must-Be-Won’ draw, if no one matches all the numbers, the jackpot is still awarded, but it is distributed among the players who matched the most numbers. This is known as a ‘Roll Down’.

For instance, in a ‘Must-Be-Won’ draw, if no one matches all six numbers, the jackpot prize money is shared between all the other players who match two or more numbers.

This is a unique occurrence, adding an extra level of excitement to the game.

Is a Quadruple Rollover a Must Be Won?

A quadruple rollover is not necessarily a ‘Must-Be-Won’ draw.

The ‘Must-Be-Won’ draw usually occurs after five consecutive draws without a jackpot winner. The sixth draw is then labelled a ‘Must-Be-Won’ draw.

However, this rule is not set in stone and can vary depending on the lottery operator’s discretion.

The Evolution of the Must-Be-Won Draw

Since its inception in 1994, the UK Lotto has seen a variety of rules governing the ‘Must-Be-Won’ draws and rollovers.

Initially, there was a limit of four rollovers, and ‘Must-Be-Won’ draws were sporadic.

The biggest roll down during this period occurred on 17th December 2014, with a jackpot of £15 million shared between five players who matched five numbers plus the Bonus Ball, resulting in a payout of just over £3 million each.

In 2015, a significant change was made to the Lotto rules. An additional 10 numbers were added to the draw, and a new jackpot cap of £50 million was introduced, replacing the previous limit of four rollovers. The jackpot could roll over any number of times until it exceeded the £50 million threshold.

Following this, only one more rollover was allowed, after which the jackpot had to be won.

In November 2018, another rule change saw the introduction of a five-rollover limit to ensure more regular jackpot payouts. This marked the first time in National Lottery history that funds would roll down between multiple prize tiers if the jackpot was not won.

The Bottom Line

The ‘Must-Be-Won’ draw is an exciting aspect of the Lotto game. The guarantee that the jackpot will be won on the night of the draw, regardless of whether anyone matches all six numbers, adds an extra level of excitement to the game.

The unpredictability of when these draws will occur and the possibility of a significant ‘Roll Down’ make the ‘Must-Be-Won’ draws a high point in the lottery calendar.

The rules surrounding ‘Must-Be-Won’ draws and rollovers have evolved over the years, with the aim of creating more regular jackpot winners and distributing the jackpot prize money more evenly among winners.

As the game continues to evolve, it is likely that these rules will continue to be refined to provide an even better playing experience for lottery participants.

With every ticket purchased, players not only have a chance to win life-changing sums of money but also contribute to good causes funded by the lottery.

So, whether you’re a regular player or an occasional punter, keep an eye out for the next ‘Must-Be-Won’ draw – it could be your lucky day!

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