Are Slot Machines Connected to the Internet or Linked Together?

Slot machines are regarded as the bread and butter of the casino industry for a reason. They are the most popular, out-performing popular games such as video poker, blackjack, and other table games. But with the proliferation of online gambling majority of gamers pose questions that demand answers.

Are Slot Machines Connected To The Internet?

A slot machine is simply a gambling game that has spinning reels, with each of the reels with an underlying symbol. The gamer places their bet, and the reel spins and randomly settles with the symbols lined up. The gamer will win based on symbols that fall within specified pay lines.

Historical slot machines were mechanical in nature and relied on gears and springs to spin. These were designed with primitive technology and used simple math. It is no longer the case looking at modern-day slot machines.

If you are wondering if slot machines are connected to the internet, then the straight-forward to that is it depends on the machine in question. Looking at the history of slot machines, a lot has changed, and a few slot machine features have remained. Consequently, the slot machine type will dictate whether the slot is connected to the internet.

Slot machines can be either online/electronic or traditional/mechanical. Mechanical slot machines are the older-style machines that can still be found in some land-based casinos. These casino slot machines do not have any electronic components and are, therefore, not connected to the internet.

Traditional slot machines use mechanical reels, hence the name mechanical slot machine. These spin when the player pulls a lever and the game’s outcome will be determined when the reels come to a stop and the symbols are aligned.

Online slot machines are the modern-day machines found in online casinos. Computer software determines the game’s outcome. The machines are also linked to the casino’s server and other slot machines within a network that facilitates communication. It is this connectivity that allows casinos to monitor performance and manage the machines remotely.

An internet connection is not required to play on the mechanical slot machine. Equally, players must be connected to the internet to play online slot machines. It is a convenience of online access that poses concerns to gamers regarding online slots.

Are Slot Machines Linked To Each Other?

It is correct regarding progressive slot machines. The same cannot be said for regular online slots.

Progressive slot machines are linked to each other for several reasons. First off, this is important for tracking major wins such as jackpots. The slots are connected and offer the same jackpot prize hence the need to interlink slot machines within the same network. These slots are also linked to other online and land-based with the same game.

In cases of wins, the progressive slot machines communicate for the maximum win to be reset, and the seed value restarts. There is also the need to manage the machines remotely and track performance.

Casino owners need to interlink the slot machines to monitor the amount of money the machine takes and its overall functionality.  If any issue is detected, it is resolved either remotely or the machine is decommissioned altogether.

Conversely, regular slot machines that offer traditional slot games do not link to each other. Instead, they work independently.

Can Casinos Control Slot Machines Remotely?

One of the most common misconceptions among online gamers is the assumption that online casinos have the power to manipulate slots since they are in the business of making money. It might be technically possible to do it, but casinos will never manipulate slot machines to shift the odds in their favour.

The mode of operation of a slot machine is standard and regulated by responsible bodies within states and regions. Any attempt to operate outside set rules and guidelines will, without question, result in hefty fines or the closure of the casino.

Slot machines are procured from slot game developers responsible for setting odds and return-to-player rates. These developers operate under the watch of the regulators as well, making it impossible for casinos to rig a slot machine. The requirement to provide a fair chance of profit is one set rule that licensed online casinos must adhere to.

In addition, gaming commissions require online casinos to clearly disclose the RTP or return-to-player profit expectations and the expected number of wins with respect to the spins. There is also the requirement to use a pseudo-random generator, making it impossible to predict results.

The set of rules and regulations provided by gambling commissions apply to both land-based and online casinos. Rogue casinos might find a way of manipulating the odds for their benefit, but legit casinos will not since it is not worth it. Therefore, the player is responsible for playing at a licensed casino to avoid being ripped off.

The licensed software providers must also submit their games to regulators for vetting before selling to online casinos. It allows regulators to review the variance and RTP before granting the provider a nod.

The player can easily identify a legit casino and avoid rigged slots by checking the logo on the casino’s website. They can also read through online casino reviews to get feedback on some of the top online slots.


Slot machines can or may not be connected to the internet. It can also be interlinked with other slot machines. All these depend on the type of slot machine in question.

The traditional slot machines are not connected to the internet. As for electronic or online slots, they are connected to the internet and are linked together for a reason.

However, it is worth noting that these cannot be manipulated to pick the player that will win or land a major jackpot.

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