What Denomination Slot Machine Pays Best? Is Higher Better?

Irrespective of whether you are playing in a land-based or online casino, there are some terms that you might come across, one of these being denomination slot machines.

You might even find some machines labelled as multi-denomination. In most cases, such terms warrant little attention, and you might simply brush it off and dive into the game.

Nonetheless, it is imperative to comprehend such terms, especially if you want to get the best value for the money while playing slots. There is simply too much to lose playing ignorantly.

What Does Denomination Mean on A Slot Machine?

In simple financial terms, the word denomination on a slot machine refers to the money value a certain coin or note represents. A cashier might ask if you want your notes in ones, tens, twenties, etc. In such a case, they will ask for the denomination you want the notes in.

Denominations will also apply to coins when you need bigger denominations to be split into smaller ones. For instance, when the gamer selects a denomination of 0.01 then that means the coins they play are equivalent to a penny. For such slots that accept 0.01-coin denominations, they are referred to as penny slots.

Slot machines have had specific denominations for ages, dating back to the years of one-armed bandits in clubs and bars. This is the age when slot machines only accepted specific coins. That meant the gamer had to use the required denomination if they wanted to play.

Modern-age denomination slot machines are quite sophisticated, with the majority supporting multi-denominations. In fact, you can simply place a bet by transferring money from a digital account in the required denomination.

Coin denominations are popular in slot machines since it makes it possible for gamers to enjoy wider slot limits. This accommodates a wide spectrum of player bankrolls.

What Is a Multi-Denomination Slot Machine?

As explained earlier, the majority of modern slot machines have a multi-denomination capability. This simply means the player is able to choose any denomination they desire to play on. Other factors, such as the number of lines, credit increments, and many others, also vary with the denomination.

The flexibility of switching the denominations allows players to experiment with their bets with respect to the different bet sizes and denominations.  It also means the player does not have to hop from one section of a casino to the other when seeking a different denomination. A single slot machine caters to that need.

Multi-denomination slot machine availability varies by casino though most land-based and online casinos have a number of these, given their popularity. More so, most modern-day slot machines tend to be multi-denominational by design.   

Do Higher Denomination Slots Pay Better?

If the player chooses to play with a higher denomination slot, it directly impacts the payback percentage. As a rule, a higher denomination guarantees a better payback percentage when compared to lower denominations.

It can be attributed to the belief that the average bet on the higher denomination machine is way higher than that on the lower denomination machine. However, other factors should be considered.

Additionally, it is imperative to consider the odds, irrespective of whether you play with a lower or higher denomination since all slot machines have different odds.

For instance, a higher denomination machine might have lower or higher odds when compared to a lower denomination machine. However, higher denominations machines generally pay out more significant wins since a larger stake is being made.

On the downside, losses will be bigger on higher denominations.

Therefore, changing the denomination on the slot machine will impact the player in two ways. First off, the potential payouts will change with respect to the slot machine’s denomination, game rules, and pay table.

Secondly, various aspects of the slot will change depending on the denominations. Most casinos tweak the various aspects of the game with respect to the denomination in order to balance the game’s potential payouts and denomination amount.

An example of this is a higher denomination slot machine with 5 different bonus features, unlike a penny slot machine with a single bonus feature.

What Is the Best Denomination to Play On A Slot Machine?

What denomination slot machine is the best paying? Well, the straight answer is that it is not easy to know since slot games have been designed in a way that wins and losses in all the slot games are random. It, therefore, boils down to your personal preference if considering the denomination slot machine to play.

It is, however, worth mentioning that many players consider playing on the higher denomination slot machine as the best choice. Conversely, the few that consider lower denominations slot machines as the best choice enjoy extended gameplay since each slot game cost less money.

That notwithstanding, factors such as features, pay lines, Return to Player (RTP), theme, the potential win amount, game rules, and volatility, just to name a few, will determine if the player chooses a slot game or not.

Surprisingly, certain penny slots could offer a higher maximum win amount.  It might also befit the gamer to consider their budget while considering the denomination slot machine to play.

A restrictive budget will favour the lower denomination, whereas those with a bigger budget can indulge without any restrictions. Perhaps, apply a mix of the lower and higher denominations.

The bottom line is that higher denomination slot machines provide a higher fixed max bet value in comparison to other slot machines. It means the possibility of the player winning a significant maximum amount is higher with higher denomination slots.

However, factors such as RTP, volatility, etc., should be considered.


Higher denomination slots have become so much more popular in the recent past for a reason. Most players hold the belief that these pay more when compared to lower denomination slot machines.

It is, however, important to also consider a game’s rules and pay table to have a clue of the possible pay-out amounts.

With higher denominations, the player will most likely land a bigger payout if they land a winning combination. And since slots are different, it is wise to check out the pay table and game rules prior to playing.

Hopefully, though, this article has helped you better understand what denomination means in slots & how it can potentially affect your payouts.

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