Can You Win On Online Slots?

The number one question most players have is whether they can win on online slots. If you want to find out the answer to this common question, then read on! In this blog post, we’ll talk about who decides online slots wins, how you can win real money playing slots and whether you can trick a slot machine.

Can You Win Real Money On Online Slots? 

It is possible to win real money by playing online slots. For a chance to win, you’ll first need to sign up to a real money online casino. To do this, simply browse through our list of best real money casinos & choose one that appeals to you most.

To be in with a chance of winning real money on slots, you will need to play slots! Online casinos have a wide and varied portfolio of online slots to play for real money. If you’re not sure which slot to play first, how about the popular Starburst or Fluffy Favourites slot games?

Every online slot is different, so look at the paytable to understand the rules, i.e. the payouts available and how to unlock bonus features. However, they all generally start in the same way! First, find a slot to play and place your bet. Next, hit the spin button. The reels will then start spinning, and when they stop, you will see whether you have won. 

You typically have to land a certain number of matching symbols on a payline to win a payout.

Can You Win Big On Online Slots? 

It is certainly possible to win big on online slots, but any win, big or small, is never guaranteed as the outcome is always random. Jackpot slots offer the biggest prizes, and some, such as Jackpot King slots, even offer up to £1 million or more for a top jackpot win. 

Many jackpot slots have progressive jackpots, meaning the prize increases every time someone places a bet. The jackpots can, therefore can, reach some incredible prizes. However, although you can win big on jackpot online slots, the chance of winning a prize compared to a standard slot is lower. This is because jackpot slots tend to have a lower RTP and higher volatility than standard slot games.

How Do Online Slots Decide Who Wins? 

Every single online slot game operates using a Random Number Generator (RNG). An RNG is a mathematically-based computer program that generates thousands of random number sequences every second, even when nobody is playing. 

The slot machine then translates these random number sequences into symbols that you will see on the reels, which reveals a winning or losing outcome. 

You cannot predict the outcome of your next spin, nor does the outcome of previous spins affect your next spin. The outcome of a spin will always be random, as it is determined by the RNG.

How Often Do People Win On Online Slots? 

In online slots, there are so many prizes in each slot up for grabs. Of course, there is more chance of a small win, but wins are never guaranteed. The big jackpot wins are rare and are won less often. However, due to the RNG, there is no way to tell if or when an online slot game will land a win.

One way you can get an idea of how often a slot machine may land wins is by knowing the slot’s volatility. Volatility is an indicator of a slot’s theoretical behaviour. It gives an idea of how often wins may land and how big the wins are generally. 

Slots with low volatility tend to pay out more frequent smaller wins. Whereas slots with high volatility don’t pay out often, but the payouts are usually bigger. Therefore, if you want to play slots that potentially pay out more often, it may be worth checking out low-volatility slots. However, all discussions around volatility are theoretical, and due to the random nature of slots, results may differ in practice.

Can You Trick A Slot Machine To Win? 

There is no way to trick a slot machine to win. This is because online slots are games of chance, and the outcome of a spin cannot be predicted because of the random number generator. 

There are many claims of ways you can trick slot machines, but none of these actually work. You shouldn’t try to cheat, as attempting to cheat an online slot game or slot machine is illegal. 

Although, ultimately, the chances of winning slots are random, the following tips could help when trying to choose a slot game to play!

  • Consider low-volatility slots – These typically land smaller wins more frequently than high-volatility slots.
  • Choose slots with a high RTP – Slots with a high return to player percentage generally pay back more to players over time than lower-RTP slots.
  • Read the paytable – Every slot is different, so read the rules from the paytable before you play.
  • Stick to small jackpot slots – If you want to play jackpot slots, jackpot slots with smaller jackpots tend to pay out more frequently than those with larger jackpots.

But, as mentioned earlier, slots are random, and their outcomes are unpredictable. Therefore, winning is never guaranteed, so it’s important to gamble responsibly.

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