Irish Bingo: How To Play With Playing Cards & Game Rules

Irish Bingo, a fun-filled variant of the traditional game of bingo, has gained worldwide recognition for its unique twists and vibrant gameplay. From its origins in 16th century Italy, bingo has evolved into numerous variations that are enjoyed across continents. 

In this article, we delve into the exciting world of Irish Bingo, its rules, gameplay, and the colourful calls that bring the game to life.

What Is Irish Bingo?

Irish Bingo is a popular version of the classic 90-ball bingo game, adapted to mirror the rich culture and traditions of Ireland. This game, also known as Classic Irish Bingo, is loved by players across the globe, including the UK. It is widely available in licensed online casinos and physical bingo halls across Ireland and the UK.

Irish Bingo, much like its traditional counterpart, offers a unique gaming experience with a few tweaks in the rules and game execution. 

How To Play Irish Bingo

Playing Irish Bingo is relatively straightforward and provides an engaging experience for a wide range of players, from beginners to seasoned bingo enthusiasts. Similar to other bingo variations, Irish Bingo can be found in most online casinos and licensed land-based establishments.

To begin, players choose the number of cards they wish to play with. Once the game starts, the caller or the screen displays the numbers selected randomly. If these numbers match the ones on your card, you can mark them off. Some online versions often offer the option of automatic marking, although players can choose to do it manually.

Winning the game depends on the rules of the particular variant you’re playing. Typically, forming vertical, horizontal, or diagonal lines with your numbers creates a winning combination. A full house, where all numbers are marked off, is also a common winning condition in Irish Bingo.

Irish Bingo With Playing Cards

Playing Irish Bingo with playing cards offers an interesting twist to the traditional game. All you need is a deck of playing cards, a marker, and a group of enthusiastic participants. The rules may vary based on the agreement within the group or the establishment’s regulations. 

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to playing Irish Bingo with playing cards:

  • Divide your playing cards into two decks.
  • Shuffle each deck, place them face down on the table, and reveal the top card of each deck simultaneously.
  • Players, from left to right, reveal their cards. If the numbers match the ones on their cards, they mark it.
  • If the card reveals a number that has already been marked, place a mark next to it on your row or column.
  • Once the first stack is finished, the game restarts with the next stack.
  • The game ends when a player marks all the numbers of their columns.

Irish Bingo Rules

Irish Bingo rules largely resemble the classic bingo rules, with a few variations that add to the game’s charm. The game celebrates Ireland’s traditions, with references to the folklore and imagery associated with the Emerald Isle. 

Here are some key points to remember:

  • The game is usually played with 90 balls, numbered from 1 to 90.
  • Players receive a 3×9 square grid card.
  • If your number is called when a ball is pulled, you mark it off your card.
  • You may call out bingo to claim a possible prize if your marked numbers form a line.
  • Sometimes, to win a prize, you may need to mark off more than one line in a predetermined pattern or mark every number off, typically known as a full house.
  • The game may start with players standing up. If your number is called, you sit down. The last player standing is the winner. This variation is popular in homes and social gatherings rather than casinos and gambling establishments.

What’s The Difference Between Bingo & Irish Bingo?

While bingo and Irish Bingo broadly follow the same concept, there are subtle differences in rules and game execution. For instance, a game of Irish Bingo could start with all players standing. If a number called is on your card, you sit down. 

In contrast, traditional bingo typically starts with everyone seated, marking or circling the called number on their card.

Irish Bingo, much like traditional bingo, is available both online and in brick-and-mortar establishments. Online platforms often offer chat functions so players can communicate with each other.

Irish Bingo Calls

Bingo calls add a layer of excitement to the game, introducing a traditional, humorous, and local flavour to Irish Bingo. Some of the most popular Irish Bingo calls you may encounter include:

  • 7 = Lucky Seven
  • 50 = Half a Century
  • 17 = Dancing Queen
  • 53 = Here Comes Herbie
  • 66 = Clickety Click
  • 4 = Knock at the Door
  • 51 = Tweak of the Thumb
  • 2 = One Little Duck

In conclusion, Irish Bingo is an entertaining twist to the conventional bingo game, offering a unique blend of the classic game rules and Irish traditions. 

As always, please gamble responsibly.

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