How Often Has My Postcode Won The Postcode Lottery?

People’s Postcode Lottery is a unique subscription-based lottery system that offers an exciting twist to the traditional lottery model.

Instead of selecting random numbers, players are automatically entered into multiple draws with their postcode serving as their lottery ticket.

This begs the question – how often has my postcode won the postcode lottery?

Can You Check If Your Postcode Has Ever Won The Postcode Lottery?

Yes, you can check if your postcode has ever won the postcode lottery. Simply head over to the Postcode Lottery’s website, navigate to the ‘Winners’ section, and input your postcode in the provided field. This will reveal if your postcode has ever been a lucky winner.

Note: Winning postcodes are stored in the database for a certain period. If your postcode has not won in the recent past, it may not show up in the search.

How Often Can You Win The Postcode Lottery?

There is no set limit to how often you can win the postcode lottery. As long as your postcode is in the draw, you have a chance of winning. The more draws you participate in, the higher your chances of winning. However, it’s important to remember that the draws are random, and winning is based purely on chance.

“Every ticket has the same chance of winning, and the more tickets you play with, the more chances you have to win!” – Postcode Lottery

Can You Play The Postcode Lottery With 2 Postcodes?

Currently, the People’s Postcode Lottery does not allow players to enter the draw with multiple postcodes. Your ticket is based solely on your registered postcode and only playing postcodes are entered into the draws.

However, if you move house, you can change your registered postcode to your new one. This will allow you to continue participating in the draws.

The Bottom Line

Participating in the Postcode Lottery is not only fun but also contributes to good causes, with 33% of the ticket price going to charity.

While the frequency of wins cannot be predicted, every draw brings a new chance for your postcode to win & who knows, your postcode could be the next winner.

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